Mass Studies’ Guggenheim Museum Art Trap

Mass Studies
In the project Art Trap, the Korean architecture group Mass Studies group plays with the idea of the Guggenheim Museum as a victim, in a sense, of its own success due to an over-saturation of human movement in a singular space (900,000 visitors annually) around Frank Lloyd Wright’s radical vision of a museum — a quarter-mile-long ramp spiraling around an iconic void. In the proposal for addressing this issue, the museum visitors themselves essentially become the artwork.

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Ryan Duggan

Ryan Duggan, design

Ryan Duggan‘s posters are hilariously colorful and eye catchy. Although the illustrations are simple, combined with various elements and symbols, they make up for one great event poster. He has been working for the last few years in Chicago and his greater work contains series of poster for different art and music events.

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Sasha Frolova is a latex dream come true

Sasha Frolova

Aquaaerobika is a project synthesizing art-performance and electronic music. Moscow based artist Sasha Frolova founder presents herself in the show in animated style image of silicone blonde, universal superwoman from the future with ultra-abilities. The plot of the show is endless computer game in which the main character travels through parallel worlds of future and talks about it’s feelings, dreams, love and hope of finding it. Electro-pop, 8bit, disco-house and avant-garde sometimes quite abstract texts are mixed with a vivid spectacular performance based on images of postmodernism. Soo amazing.

Ariana Page

Ariana Page

Ariana Page has discovered the skin’s reaction induced welts – light scraping, scratching, drawing with needles, etc and decided to turn it into art. A similar approach would be to fall into a very heavy and abyss-like sleep with your arm under your pillow the whole night and wake up with crop circles embossed into your skin.

Amanda Lear is a strange lady

Amanda Lear: previous male, current female, muse of Salvador Dali, multimillion selling Disco Queen three decades ago, subject of an incredibly long Wikipedia entry (yes, her official site is hosted on Tripod), feast for ironic art eyes, and just strange strange strange. Whenever I watch her videos I wonder “is this shit for real?”. But yeah. It is.

One Bit Increment launched their site!

One Bit Increment

My friends at One Bit Increment (design firm started by UCLA alum Camile Orillaneda and Leon Hong) launched their site last week and it’s amazing. The homepage is a fully interactive game complete with sound effects featuring the lovable ox character (in One Bit land they’re called “moo”) traversing a stretch of pleasant mountain side. The imagery is incredibly complex (mind you, it’s all made out of paper) and yet sweet and simple at the same time. Please visit the site and leave them a nice comment or two!

Alejandra Villasmil

Alejandra Villasmil

Alejandra Villasmil is a Venezuelan artist who lives and works out of Santiago de Chile since 2007. I like the broad scope of work and use of absurd sculptural mediums.