David Bayus

David Bayus
David Bayus is a painter based in San Francisco currently working on an MFA at San Francisco Art Institute. His awesome collage/painting work almost make both of those previously mentioned techniques indiscernable from each other. Which one is it??

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Carolin Reichert’s absent presence

"Fake Fridays"

"Fake Fridays", 2007

Carolin Reichert’s work deals with an inventory of the human memory as triggered by situations, encounters and objects referring to and rooted in the past, yet recurring and manifesting themselves anew in the present. She is interested in exploring the individual’s perception of reality and the role and capacities of memory and recollection within that process. The images portray brief moments, belonging to the past, frozen, re-framed and deliberately transported to their new context, with which they are at odds or incompatible, therefore ultimately dealing with the attempt, possibility and implications of visualizing ‘absent presence’.

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Beautiful/Decay Book 2 Preview!

Preview of the front cover along with the flap that folds inside designed by master of bits, Julien Ducourthial.

Preview of the Book 2 front cover along with the flap that folds inside. Designed by master of bits, Julien Ducourthial.

The second edition of Beautiful/Decay has just been sent to press last week! The theme is “What A Mess!” and plays with the idea of “messyness” in all sorts of mediums and in my humble opinion, features some of my personal favorite artists to date (pssst, be sure to subscribe and reserve your copy because they’re sure to run out fast). We went back to the basics of art making (highly refined practice of hot glue-gunning pom-poms and popsicle sticks, you know, the stuff you learned in kindergarten) to create some essential elements in the layout design. Then from there we started exploring the faded and slightly warped visual language of scanned print outs to create the feeling of an artist’s studio or workspace. You’ll see a couple different examples as to what that means exactly in the spreads I’m giving you a sneak peak on. See the craziness after the jump!

B/D Apparel Shirt of the Month

B/D Apparel Shirt of the Month Wizard Tattoo by Kyle Thomas
September’s shirt of the month just head-banged its way into our online shop! This graphic features an ominously mystical magician casting smokey-sorcery of battle axes, panthers, horses of the apocalypse and more. The color way is an off white ink on a black shirt body. Perfect black-metal scheme for shredder shows, Sabbath-listening, and seances alike! Only 30 of these super-soft shirts made! Conjured into being by the one and only Kyle Thomas, who hand-drew each and every cover of Book 1.

Visit the online shop to purchase “Wizard Tattoo.”

About the Shirt of the Month
-Available exclusively on Beautiful/Decay online shop
-Unique color way printed in limited runs
-Available in advance before the season ships to retailers
-33% discount off retail price, at just $19.95 a shirt

Check out more tees that have been featured as Shirt of the Month after the jump!

Happy Lovers Town

Jonathan Calugi
HAPPY LOVERS TOWN is the portfolio of Italian designer and illustrator Jonathan Calugi. I love his character design and intensely adorable patterns. I profess that Illustrator is not my strong point so I find it especially amazing when people have a special knack at wrangling smooth vectors.

Kristian Hammerstad

Kristian Hammerstad
Kristian Hammerstad is a illustrator/designer hailing from Oslo, Norway. His prints for various going-ons in his hood are absolutely a-ma-zing. I’ll keep this write up very brief, just go look at them after the jump!

Light Art Performance Photography

Light Art Performance PhotographyLAPP-PRO, headed by Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza, brings the concept of light painting to another level. The situations captured in the photos seem to have broken any holds tethering them to reality. LAPP claim that “the pictures are one single photo, not a result of working on the computer.” Not to dispute the validity of their procedures or anything, but the photos so good that they stopped looking real. I’ve seen some cool light graffiti, but LAPP just brings the art form to a whooole other level. Maybe it’s because they look like characters from X-men battling evil at the cusp of apocalypse? Take a look and decide for yourself!

Indian book cover designs from 1964 to 1984

Book cover, 1972 (front)

Book cover, 1972 (front)

Found these awesome Indian book cover designs from a couple decades ago on A Journey Round My Skull, my go-to blog for all vintage graphic design. Unfortunately, the designers for each of the book covers weren’t listed. You can see the fronts and backs of each book (I only posted either front or back here) and it’s really amazing to see how well integrated the whole of the design is and how designers during that time were just mainly illustrators.