Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris may be the hardest working man in business of being punker than you.  As both a vinyl signmaker and fine artist, Jesse is a great example of the DIY aesthetic perfected. Creating work that is both questioning yet precise, there is no doubt to Jesse’s intention- the message is the medium.

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Christian Stearry

Christian Stearry is great example of what happens when one spends their entire youth skateboarding- it begins to permeate every aspect of your life.  His illustrations are focused on the tongue-in-cheek jokes found in growing up “bad,” whether it’s through graffiti, drinking, or being that guy that brings his bong everywhere. Lucky for us, it works.

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Ben Sears


Kentucky-based designer and illustrator Ben Sears knows how to showcase his work. With a portfolio jumping from commercial work, process screencaps, and sketchbook doodles, one can’t help
but admire his work ethic. His sketchbook work has unlimited appeal- work that’s both clever and perfectly rendered never goes out of style. Plus, who can frown at Yoshi and ferrets?