André Beato

Typography by Portuguese designer André Beato, his work captures the best of both illustrative expression and digital perfection.

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Adrian Dutt

Fantastic work by English illustrator Adrian Dutt. They feature exceptionally beautiful, detailed line work and a wonderful (slightly twisted) sense of humor.

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Michael Willis

Exciting illustrations by graphic designer and illustrator Michael Willis. I love color palate and use of texture!

Yooyoungkyu’s Combine of Shapes

Combine of Shapes is a series of paired images by Yooyoungkyu, unexpected combinations linked by either a visual or thematic commonality. The pairings allow the viewer to notice things in the images they may not have seeing them individually.

Wyatt W.’s Death in Rainbows

The idea of finding and re-sharing images on the internet is nothing new, but sometimes someone does it well enough it’s worth talking about. Canadian artist Wyatt W.’sDeath In Rainbows tumblr is not the usual loosely connected (or completely random) mess, it is broken down into meticulously curated sets of fascinating images. This care and direction create an experience that is both focused and full of surprises.

Beneath The Neon

I’ve always been a fan of sneaking around in the dark, exploring tunnels, and generally causing mischief in places I shouldn’t go to. Long before the documentary  Dark Days came out I was spending days exploring and occasionally painting the Freedom Tunnels in NY. Now that I’m on the west coast I don’t spend as much time as I’d like in train tunnels with a flashlight. It may be that I’m a bit older and just a tad more lazy these days but LA  just doesn’t have as many dark and damp train tunnels like most of the major harbor cities on the east coast.

One day while spending too much time on Facebook, longtime friend and artists Logan Hicks made a post about Beneath The Neon. After reading three sentences in I knew that I needed a copy stat. After all I had feverishly read The Mole People cover to cover 10 years prior so I knew that Beneath The Neon would be right up my alley. After a few google searches I tracked down author Matthew O’Brien who was kind enough to shoot over a copy for a review.