Textilen by Jeannine Han and Dan Riley

This performance is the culmination of a fascinating project by Jeannine Hann and David Riley to create textile based musical instruments. Below are images of the performance costumes and another video further detailing their process.

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Stephen Cheetham’s Iconic Laugh

This  Stephen Cheetham character sure knows how to pack a lot of laughs into his illustrations. Nothing says cancer like a a lung with a dozen hands and a butt head!

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Shohei Hakuchi

Ballpoint pen drawings by Japanese artist Shohei Hakuchi capture an interesting mash-up of Japanese and American pop culture images and mind-blowing detail.

Shelley Reed’s Black And White History

I adore Shelley Reed‘s paintings. I love that she paints them in black and white, which remind me of the reproductions in old art history books.