Jesse Hazelip’s Sentimental Journey

Graffiti artist Jesse Hazelip tackles major social issues in his work.  Here are some of his pieces from the exhibition Sentimental Journey in which he reflects on WWII and our occupation in North America.  For those who are curious, the name Sentimental Journey comes from an actual bomber plane.

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Monica Cook Is The New Weird

Monica Cook’s paintings are weird, gross and somehow really delicate and pretty at the same time, I love it.

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Alexandros Vasmoulakis Goes Public

Public installation, alterations, and modifications by Alexandros Vasmoulaskis.

Good Mondays On A Friday!

Barcelona based graphic design studio Good Mondays specializes in areas of art direction, corporate identity, editorial design, package design, and illustration.  I am particularly fond of the above Donut Explosion piece.

Sebastian Wahl’s Kaleidoscope Eyes

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden artist Sebastian Wahl currently resides in the Bronx where he creates psychedelically inspired resin collages.  You can catch some of his work at the Gallery Hijinks exhibit Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Fredrik Raddum Small Scale Problems

Fredrik Raddum’s small scale sculptures are funny, peculiar, and a bit quirky. Each figure is caught in a world where everything goes wrong and each solution presents a new problem.

Bill Connor’s Gross Out!

Chicago based illustrator Bill Connors creates gross loose drawings with plenty of leaky eyeballs, gross slime, and beautiful deformations.