Scar Boy

scar-boyscar-boy-2scar-boy-1Beautifully rendered drawings of women, clusters of wartime machinery, and mushroom clouds of weapons by Chris Scarborough.

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“Post – Interesting Paintings”

Chris Millar’s paintings are an interesting mix between R. Crumb, Robert Williams, and your grandmothers nick nack collection. His work is dense with stories, vignettes, and bizarre scenes that wil l keep you staring at one piece for hours before walking off to the next. Take a look at his website by clicking the title link above for more examples of his bizarre world.

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Dark voids

Some nice abstract paintings at Jason Karolak’s portfolio site. I like how geometric yet loose the paint handling is in his work. They almost look like hip versions of Brice Marden paintings.

Samuel François’s Simple Offerings

Samuel François’s site features a variety of art in various mediums. However my favorite part is his simple outdoor installs and alterations. Some of his alterations would stop you dead in your tracks while others will take years to discover.

Another Day At The Plant…

The life of a creative director never seems to end with countless hours spent waiting for sampling. Here is a visual diary via my Iphone.

First you have to burn endless amounts of screens for each color.