Pawel Fabjanski’s Mysterious Postmodern Photography

Polish photographer Pawel Fabjanski serves up a nice blend of commercial/fashion aesthetics and personal input within his work. He brings a mysterious, postmodern edge to everything he does, whether it be a portrait of a girl with red pyramids attached to her face, or a troop of nondescript people in weird, pink lab attire (above). Touching on themes of alienation and “man’s response to the environment”, each photo gives you just the right amount of chills. Fabjanski also spends time teaching at the National Film School in Lodz.

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Luzinterruptus’ Melbourne Installation Of Thousands of Books and LEDs

“Literature vs. Traffic”:


To the other side of the world we went, going from the sunny summer in Madrid to a mild and rainy winter, with the romantic intention of converting the modern and somewhat cold architecture of Federation Square, into a cozy, human and intimate space, which encouraged reading and tranquility.


So the folks at Milan-based collective Luzinterruptus (previously) went down to Melbourne and did their thing with lights (if you don’t know by now, they’ve put on some really ill installations using all sorts of LED lights), except this time they used thousands of books to “block traffic” in “a symbolic gesture in which literature took control of the streets and became the conquerer of the public space”. The pages seem to flow into one another as a cohesive whole and the LEDs add some sort of mystical dimension to the whole thing. I love the shots of people just swimming in the installation, which was up for a whole month. The positive message promoting literacy is just frosting on the cake. Click the jump to see more of what went down. (via)

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Ron Ulicny’s Sculpture Cuts and Mixes Miscellanea to Create Something New


Ron Ulicny is a Portland-based artist who creates “viscurrealistic fabrications”, sculptural works that draw their impact from surreal change-ups in material selection. A vintage bowling pin is sliced open, and a nocturnal forest is inserted into its midsection. A hand saw’s blade is replaced by multiple paintbrushes. I wasn’t necessarily surprised, when going through the artist’s portfolio site, to find quotes from Jasper Johns, Magritte, Duchamp, and Rauschenberg, each of whom are pretty clear influences on Ulicny. But, even in emulation, Ulicny’s work is completely singular. He knows his materials so well (where does he find some of these things?), and his execution might be a little cleaner than some of his heroes. You’re gonna want to check out more of the artist’s works, so find a selection below, but hit up his website and tumblr to get the full picture.

Danna Ray’s Ethereal, Minimalistic Illustrations Capture the Quiet Side of Nature

Summer’s really come to a close now, so if you find yourself yearning for those last licks of outdoor time, look no further than Danna Ray‘s ethereal illustration work. Each piece, with its washed out application of paint, is like a huge sigh. Somehow the delicate, minimalistic elements that make up each one contribute to a subliminal impression that’s actually pretty large. Each image finds a way to communicate a lot of space, and no space all at once. Such a dynamic allows you to briefly posses each as your own personal refuge. The artist’s restraint in creating these really pays off and I find myself returning to them again and again.

Andy Freeberg’s Photos of Gallery Dealers At Art Fairs

Andy Freeberg‘s “Art Fare” series is currently on view at Kopeikin Gallery in Culver City, CA. The series captures gallery owners and artists, usually hidden behind desks and gallery walls, in plain sight at major art fairs. Simultaneously “real-life” and narrative drama, the photos depict the business of the art world in stark, natural light. The results are humorous, seedy, and honest.

The exhibition is up until October October 27th. See more photos from the show after the jump.

Images courtesy of Andy Freeberg and Kopeikin Gallery.

Scott Greenwalt’s Gruesome Mixed Media Paintings

Scott Greenwalt is an Oakland-based painter whose mixed media works walk the line between geometric order and gruesome chaos. His palette often resembles that of our most decay-prone biological structures and fluids: the dirty beige of crumbling skulls, the electric pink of strained arteries, and the bright green of runny mucus. His compositions exist within empty landscapes or without any background context at all. And it should be hard to look at his work for too long. It hits so hard that we should be running for the hills. Instead, probably due to his immense level of skill, it’s hard to look away. Peep some recent work from the artist below.

Pigeons Dyed Various Bright Colors and Set to Roam Freely at the Venice Biennale

“Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others” is a collaborative project from Berlin artists Julian Charriere (recent graduate of UDK in Berlin) and Julius von Bismarck (not-so-recent graduate of UDK in Berlin). The goal of the “Some Pigeons” project was to spray 35 pigeons with colorful dye using a “pigeon apparatus” that would not harm the birds. Well, they’ve accomplished their goal, and they’ve released a batch of unequal pigeons into various plazas in Copenhagen and, now, surrounding the current Venice Biennale. The pigeons almost look like rare, tropical birds, a nice switch-up from the usual. Check out more shots of the birds in action, below. (via)

Nature Front and Center- Bigfoot One

Collab w/ Skinner

What’s been going on lately in the world of Cali artist Bigfoot One?

As always, Bigfoot’s combination aesthetic of classic heavy metal, graffiti, and Nature is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good. Vinyl toys, walls, prints; so solid. Completely comfortable in his obsessions, Bigfoot returns again and again to his subject matter, to his lonely, knowing forest creature. Even in thorough repetition, the work packs a punch with each newly minted piece in whatever medium the artist chooses to employ. That’s a sign that there’s a basic truth at work here. What the truth is, like Bigfoot himself, is kind of an enigma.

Keep in eye out for a new release from Bigfoot and Kidrobot in the near future and also check out Issue:B of Beautiful/Decay with features one of the very first interviews with Bigfoot before he became the mysterious giant of street art.