Aaron OBLVN’s Humorous Vintage Animation Drawings

Portland artist OBLVN recently closed a show at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. The show, entitled “Different Strokes, Different Folks”, was positioned in the project room, while Ryan Travis Christian’s solo exhibition, “The Second Banana” took the main gallery space. OBLVN brings the clean brushwork of vintage animation design with a clean eye for interesting character work honed through a background in graffiti. I was seriously impressed with the artist’s “100 Paintings” show last spring at Klughaus gallery in NYC. It seems like he’s pushed further since then, as this show features some larger works on wood and canvas.

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Liz Hickok Sweet, Blubbery Light- Cityscapes Made of Jell-O

Liz Hickok is a San Francisco-based artist working in photography, video, sculpture, and installation. Hickok received her MFA from Mills College in Oakland, California. She earned a BFA and BA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Hickok lived and worked in Boston for over ten years before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. “Hickok’s Cityscapes in Jell-O” series has received extensive media coverage, such as The New York Times, NPR, and The CBS Early Show. Her artwork has been exhibited across the United States and is included in international collections.

Hickok will be showing work at The Emerald Tablet in San Francisco October 20 – November 18 as part of A.D.D., a group exhibition. (via)

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Kim Dorland’s Red Deer Alberta Series of Paintings

Kim Dorland was born in 1974 in Wain­wright, Alberta, Canada. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada. This series, entitled “Red Deer Alberta”, lights up the forest with almost neon-like colors. But not to the point where the fire burns everything down. Just enough so that you can see what’s hiding in the shadows.

Ryan De La Hoz Exhibition at Four Barrels SF

Tonight, Ryan De La Hoz opens Welcome to Your Doom, a solo show at Four Barrel in San Francisco. If you’re out that way, head over and show some love (6-9P). You can also buy original work from the artist in our shop. We like his no-nonsense approach to some heavy themes. He even throws in a little humor sometimes. See if you can spot it.

Corey Thomas’ Spiky but Peaceful Sculpture

After the cut, check out sublime sculpture from Corey Thomas, and a YouTube video of his process.These things are spiky and look dangerous, but somehow remain at peace with their conspicuously calm, desert surroundings. (via)

“I trained as a dancer then migrated to sculpture with a focus on creating narratives with form. Each landscape – and the materials found within – stimulate new content for my work in terms of stories about people, culture, place and form.” -Corey Thomas

Michael Massaia’s Models of Planes at the Moment that Everything Goes Wrong

“Borrowed time is an exploration into the moment the point of no return has been reached and the subsequent freedom that follows. Using the visual of midflight plane failures was my attempt to show the moment that horror, relief, freedom, and graphic beauty all meet at once.”

“Because there are very few images/actual references of planes when they have these types of engine malfunctions mid-flight, I had to replicate/make as visual correct as possible what occurs when these types of catastrophic malfunctions occur.”

This series from Michael Massaia, entitled “Borrowed Time – Mid Flight Engine Failure”, is made without Photoshop or digital composites. The ones where the planes are actually flying upwards are particularly interesting, as if, though on fire, they have no intention of going down. See more after the jump.

Shimmery “Living Kinetic Sculptures” from Robin Protz

Connecticut based artist Robin Protz creates “Living Kinetic Sculptures”. Her works seem to brightly light up each space in which she installs them. Take “Nelligan the Dragon” (above) for example. “Dragon”, made of 40,000 suspended buttons, dominates its environment.

“…my art has evolved into a virtual space eater. Spaces scream at me wanting life.”

“…Creatures and forms emerge and we leave adulthood as we are reminded of the playfulness, surprise and sometimes overwhelming awe and delight we experienced as children.”  (via)

Souther Salazar’s Textured, Playful Paintings

Souther Salazar‘s works are full of life and narrative. He uses a variety of techniques really well, putting everything in it’s right place. His personal style allows you to jump right in and, even with so much going on, you feel like you get what’s going on. Salazar recently closed a show at NARWHAL Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. See more paintings after the jump.