Top 20 A’ Design Award Winners

Efjord by Snorre Stinesse

Lace magic Women's dress by Serap Safîye Yıldız

Images of Guilin by Kevin Chu

Images of Dear.Odd by Eun byeol Choi

Does your work fit in with past winners and A’ Design Awards & Competition panelists’ favorite projects? I may not be a design rockstar, but I enjoyed putting together a group of 20 winners from past years that made an impact on me.

As I browsed through the winners, I  deduced that good design expands to not only visual arts and commercial packaging, but also furniture, architecture, fashion and more; that’s why it’s so important to recognize A’ Design as an inclusive and influential competition. We are excited to announce that one of the most inclusive design competitions in the world of design is accepting entries.

It is the reward of beauty and innovation that keeps designers producing the very best…except that sometimes it isn’t. That’s why A’ Design Awards & Competition recognizes the best and most exciting work in design with big prizes and benefits. Awards include perks such as participation in an international exhibition, inclusion in annual hardcover yearbook, a press release, publicity through the Competition’s extensive network, inclusion in the World Design Rankings, an invitation to a gala-night event in Italy for a unique networking opportunity, an award trophy and certificate, translation services for your press release into more than 20 languages, feedback notes from the jurors, a Designer of the Year nomination, sales listing for winning designs and much more. If that’s not enough, you can count on your work getting tons of attention; the winning designs will have tons of exposure. On average, A’ Design Awards & Competition winners’ website has 24,404,321 impressions on average per competition cycle.

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Your Awesome Nature Photography Could Win You $15,000!

unnamed Derek Burdeny unnamed1


Lover of nature and photography? There are some good news for you! The Weather Channel and Toyota have come together once again to find the most beautiful, stimulating, and jaw-dropping photographs in their “It’s Amazing Out There” photos competition. Both amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit their most spectacular images that best depict the wonder, impact, and beauty of Mother Nature.

You may be asking yourself if pictures of tornadoes, hurricanes or lightning are only applicable for this contest. The answer is “no.” The weather channel recognizes that “weather” is so much more than the forecast or even weather elements, nature alone should do.

We want YOU to submit works that fall under the categories of nature, adventure and/or the elements. The first prize is a whopping $15,000 with a second prize of $5,000, and third prize of $2,500. Three fan favorites will take home $1,000, $750 and $500.

Just think about all of the lenses and photo paper you can buy with that kind of dough!

The deadline for the “It’s Amazing Out There” contest is August 14th at noon ET.  Read the complete rules HERE And enter your photograph HERE.



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