Rogan Brown Creates Beautifully Intricate Cut Paper Sculptures Of Microbes

Rogan Brown - Sculpture 1_565x580 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 2_565x848 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 6_565x377 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 3_565x427

Looking into Rogan Brown’s artwork is like diving into a microcosm of ultra-detailed organisms. The artist creates a myriad of tiny sculptures made out of paper, arranged into one piece which he calls a ‘Magic Circle’.

The sets of paper sculptures are hand and laser-cut. With a scalpel or a knife, Rogan Brown cuts out patterns and motifs inspired from cell structures, tree moss, bacteria, coral, diatoms and radiolaria. The work is laborious and meticulous, taking up to several months for the artist to complete. The choice of paper is deliberate. This mean represents within a same concept, both the fragility and durability of nature. By looking at the infinite details comprised within the final piece, we understand the slow process of growth and decay, life and death which characterizes the cycle of nature.

The artist wishes to mix science and art to metaphorically suggest that a vast range of observations is subconsciously modified by individual imagination. The complexity of nature attracts human curiosity and its need to observe, analyze and classify. A process endeavored by science which is often stopped by too much existing data. Rogan Brown says his “work similarly attempts to frustrate categorization”.
The artist reveals in the profusion of his artistic microorganisms his main belief. Nature can be the source of infinite imagination. (via This Is Colossal)

The ‘Magic Circle’ piece will be presented at Aqua Art Miami through C Emerson Fine Arts  from December 2nd to December 5th 2015.

Rogan Brown - Sculpture 5_565x472 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 4_565x404

Rogan Brown - Sculpture 11_565x377 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 12_565x548 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 13_565x377 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 14_565x369 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 16_565x848 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 20_565x570 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 21_565x581 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 22_565x554 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 23_565x614 Rogan Brown - Sculpture 24_565x588

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