Animated Gifs Illustrate Traditional Japanese Woodblock Prints With Humour And Fantasy

Segawa 37 - Gif 1

Segawa 37 - Gif 3 Segawa 37 - Gif 6 Segawa 37 - Gif 2

Segawa 37 pays tribute to Japanese art by creating Gifs from the original work of traditional Japanese woodblock prints, “pictures of the floating world’. Most of the time, he only animates a few parts, adding a realistic and modern add-on to the art piece. In other images, he blends in futuristic elements, denaturalizing the first intention of the historical painting. Originally, Japanese woodblock paintings, also called Ukiyo-e, were depictions of everyday scenes in Japan. Affordable, they represented the possibility for the mass to access art. Segawa 37 gives a new life to these prints by altering their core. From hyper realistic to surreal, the artist offers to the modern world a new way of looking at a classic form of art. 

The most emblematic representation of Japan, a contemplation of movements; calm and serene, but always intense remains within those wooden prints. The artist’s reinterpretation of Katsushika Hokusai’s images is disturbing the stillness and tranquility of the scenes.
The Shinkansen, a Japanese high-speed train is passing by travelers resting at a station, a person is driving a segway in the middle of a road field, a couple of people, watching mount Fuji are also seeing a extraterrestrial flying saucers passing by. What is meant to be admired in almost a meditative state is now entertaining.

Discover Segawa 37’ series of Gifs on the GifMagazine award page sponsored by Adobe. (via Spoon&Tamago)

Segawa 37 - Gif 7 Segawa 37 - Gif 5


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