Barbie Meets Cyber Feminism In Signe Pierce’s Neo 80s Hyperrealist World

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In the dark corners of the Internet lie Signe Pierce’s neon creations, full of nocturnal urban decors, poolside decorations and a message. Although her work has a strong aesthetic presence, it is the atmosphere that surrounds it and the energy that runs through it that are truly powerful.

A few years ago, her self-described “social experiment” video entitled American Reflexxx shot by fellow artist Alli Coates provided a visceral look into human prejudice, violence and, amongst other things, the male gaze. The 14 minute film depicts Pierce silently walking down a boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina dressed like a stripper sporting a reflective mask. Over the span of 14 minutes Pierce is catcalled, insulted, and shoved. Her project unintentionally created a portrait of the darker sides of human beings, and the anger and fear that result from a lack of understanding.

However Pierce’s work goes further than this, she also works a lot with photography and her girl power energy shines through her various projects which could described as a blend of feminism and humor dominated by the lurking feeling that something is not right. The settings of her photographs are a dominantly pink atmosphere, which gives off a strong 1980s Southern California/Miami vibe, providing the perfect backdrop for a vaporwave soundtrack. Through her body of work, Pierce manages to raise questions about gender, identity, sexuality and, on a greater scale, the reality we believe in.

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