Sanda Anderlon’s Chaotic Panoramic Collages Reveal Intimate Details About Civilizations

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It’s all in the little details for artist Sanda Anderlon. Her illustrated collages and animations use the things that make up our personal, social and public lives to create portraits that tell stories through objects which give clues to the person. Similar to an archeological dig which reveals intimate details about a community or civilization her panoramic illustrations speak through a cluttered and chaotic aesthetic but once you take a closer look they become interesting clues into someone else’s existence.
Through basic titles such as fashionista, neighborhood, party and at the beach we’re given an overload of things which describe life as a human in the 21st century. In fashionista we see the materialistic excess of the fashion conscious. The dozens of shoes, clothes and wigs become an interesting survey into what some deem important. In neighborhood and party Anderlon comprises an exhaustive survey of the people and things which make up both. It takes on historical significance since the artist uses images from various time periods to complete her picture. Adding some depth to her work are animated versions which take on a different perspective. These move through the works as a timeline and offers a documentary style aesthetic.

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