Michael Beitz’ Ties Tables And Couches In Knots To Comment On Miscommunication In Domestic Settings

michael beitz sculpturemichael beitz sculpturemichael beitz sculpturemichael beitz sculpture

Taking the idea of a dining table and adding a twist, Michael Beitz constructs some pretty amazing furniture. Instead of a flat surface he creates a friendly wave and some distance between the two sides. Normally dining tables are associated with friends, family and connection. Beitz’ work on the other hand is related to keeping a few feet away from the other person either through length or an obstruction in the middle. If it weren’t for the titles you might not know why the artist would make what he does except for aesthetic reasons. However, since he defines his sculptures we’re given clues as to why his work is made. The underlining current points to communication or lack of. Another is domestic space. “Not Now” is his latest table with a huge wave type loop in its center. It recalls roller coasters and skater loops. The construction itself is done with an old fashioned wood oak or mahogany. He documents the work with two people sitting on each end and visually defines its purpose. Other recent projects have been “Picnic Table” which takes the traditional picnic bench and turns it into a swirling dervish of wooden proportions. Another is “Knot” where instead of a table he creates a huge knot between two couches.

BeitzĀ has documented some of his larger projects on video. These include folding, slappingĀ and fan houses. (via ignant)

michael beitz sculpturemichael beitz sculpturemichael beitz sculpture

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