The Crumpled Paintings Of Stefania Fersini Studies Fashion’s Distorted View Of Beauty

stefania fersinistefania fersini paintingstefania fersini paintingstefania fersini painting
Pages from high fashion magazines are brought back to life as forgotten pieces of crumpled paper in Stefania Fersini’s realistic oil paintings. By distorting the original image, Fersini makes statement about the fleeting nature of style and beauty. Her message strongly suggests the idea of what’s in today, will be passe tomorrow and metaphorically studies the excessive nature of youth and beauty in the fashion industry. On the flip side she spends hours duplicating an image that has already appeared in a mainstream magazine. The same is true of the visual itself which is the result of many different people.  It examines the time and energy spent to create something of aesthetic value in our society.
Her skill as a painter is readily apparent. The distorted view she brings to light is due to that ability and in the process brings other nuances out that might not be visible in the original photograph. By using a crumpled paper technique we are able to decide if the image itself would be as attractive if a few lines showed. As with most painters that decision is left up to the viewer to decide.
Fersini says she paints from magazine images because she likes using the ready made as a mirror. She is based in Torino, Italy and is part of an artist collective called Nucleo in that region.

stefania fersini paintingstefania fersini paintingstefania fersini paintingstefania fersini painting

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