Sticky Situation: Blake Little’s Honey Covered Models Look As If They Are Frozen In Amber

Blake Little - photography

Blake Little - photography

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Celebrity photographer Blake Little has taken his love of portraiture to new heights. Pouring honey all over his models of different ages, races and genders, he has created a series of dramatic images that look like photos of wax models. While he normally snaps pictures of famous faces like Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close, Samuel L. Jackson, Jane Fonda, Gwyneth Paltrow, this time he placed a Craigslist ad asking for some not-so-familiar faces. Seeing over 90 people, all ranging in age from 2 – 85 years, he asked them to take their clothes off and get covered in a thick gooey layer of honey. Little talks about his process:

Preservation began through a process of experimenting with honey. Initially, I started shooting the way it pours and drips on just the face or specific areas of the body. After several sessions, it became clear that completely covering the figure as much as possible and with varying thicknesses created a quality that I had never seen before. The honey has a way of diffusing the personal qualities of the subjects, often making them unrecognizable and democratizing their individual traits into something altogether different and universal. (Source)

The result of the intense studio session is hypnotic. The models look like they have been frozen in amber, or resin, or caught in the volcanic eruption of Pompeii. All of the subjects in his new book Preservation look like they are in a deep slumber, and all have lost any idiosyncrasies they may have had. It seems like Little has compiled a reference of what is it to be human – a kind of catalog of frozen specimens where we can, in the future, look back and compare similarities and differences between us all.

His show accompanying his new monograph opens at Kopeikin Gallery in Culver City, CA from March 7.

Blake Little - photography
Blake Little - photography Blake Little - photography Blake Little - photography Blake Little - photography Blake Little - photography Blake Little - photography

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  • Aiden James

    Everything about this is wrong and I’ll tell you why. Speciesism is not Art. First, Honey is bee vomit. Second, In a single bees lifetime they will only produce 1/12 a tsp of honey. 1/12!! Third, the honey bee population is in rapid decline every year do to vast wastelands of mono crops. These do not let the honey bee naturally gather pollen from varied flowers and plants the nutrition they need to survive and fight off infection, disease for hive stability. Fourth, without exception all apiaries order Queen bees from a insect breeder as worker bees will not vomit (produce honey) if a queen isn’t living in their community. When the queen arrives in the mail in a ventilated box beekeepers rip off her wings (mutilating) to prevent her from flying away. Apiaries are not enclosed facilities. Fifth, more than half of the honey in the hive these insects need to support their community for the winter months & essential nutrition is replaced with a cheap sugar water substance. This substance does not have the crucial enzymes the bees need to stay healthy, warm & happy. Sixth, honey is food for bee babies.These images are Speciesism, not Art. The Exploiting of another living thing for Profit & Entertainment. If you consume or use bee products, you are stealing something that does not belong to you.

  • freestylemovement

    although the photos look cool, i’m disgusted by the amount of honey wasted. it’s 2015, i wish we could find a better use of valuable resources. bees are quintessential to so much of our ‘preservation’ by propagating the foods we eat and medicines from the land. they are dying off everywhere thanks to pesticide use, and from taking their food and replacing it with corn syrup, like this guy is doing in mass. 4500 gallons??? why couldn’t this guy just reuse the honey by creating gutters by the platform ?? what a shame. please don’t support this type of work.

  • CB

    High fructose corn syrup would give you precisely the same look with no bees required…

  • stdepi

    You are a parody of yourself. *Munches pork sandwich*

  • jj

    Yawwwwwwwwwwn. May have just sprained my eyeball from rolling it so hard.

  • Hata H. Zappah

    The 3rd, 4th, and 2nd last models are my favorite.

  • Hata H. Zappah

    You have no business telling me what is and is not art. Resubmit your comment with the appropriate corrections and then I’ll read your comment.

  • Guest

    the fact that he was or he wasn’t recycling the honey it’s a total new topic that doesn’t change the fact that some of this photos are ones of the best masterpieces I’ve seen in photography for a while. He’s brilliant in photography , but he might suck with ecology and re-usability though….. he should change his attitude if so, specially as an artist…

  • Ovidiu Voica

    the fact that he was or he wasn’t recycling the honey it’s a total new
    topic that doesn’t change the fact that some of this photos are ones of
    the best masterpieces I’ve seen in photography for a while. He’s
    brilliant in photography , but he might suck with ecology and
    re-usability though….. he should change his attitude if so, specially
    as an artist… 🙁

  • People have said it

    Jesus. Find a real cause and a logical argument. These amazing photos will live forever. Some of us think your terrible music isn’t art….

  • Hata H. Zappah

    Who are you to say what is and is not a “real” cause? If you don’t like it, move on. End of.

  • Sarah Rudy

    Humans take the honey from the bees and replace it with sugar water. This substitution is what is suspected of causing colony collapse disorder.
    I am a photographer and love the art, but this same effect could have been done using agave syrup.
    With the disappearance of bees threatening to wipe out all human life on this planet, I don’t think we should be abusing them.
    I get that people are used to the “It’s just photography / art / food. It’s my choice, get over it.” But we are living in a world where we don’t have that convenience anymore. The destructive things we are doing directly effect the future of all life on this planet. Got kids? Then you need to CHOOSE to give a damn.
    A while back some other photographer decided to exploit the raped and murdered dairy cow, by pouring milk on his models. Is this what photography has come to? We’re so bored with the Instagram filters that everyone has been putting all over everything that we now need to make our art destructive, with a victim to get attention? It’s time we stop using animals as products and start sharing the planet with them.

  • Sarah Rudy

    The substitution of sugar water for honey when it’s harvested is what’s suspected of colony collapse disorder. If you don’t know what that means, you should. We don’t live in a world where we have the convenience of such selfish choices any longer.

  • Sarah Rudy

    For those of you flipping out on the messenger.. You need to flip out on the message. None of us enjoy having to remind people that we need to stop this wasteful society in it’s tracks before it’s too late. I personally hate having to do this shit. And it’s not fun when people don’t even listen to the message and instead attack the messenger. When we are posting because we care about you and the planet you live on, how is it that you want to attack?

  • Shaylen

    This is truly DISGUSTING. Not talking about the imagery, talking about the fact that bees, who are so clever, capable of feeling pain, and VITAL to our very existence on this planet were kept as slaves, killed (yes they kill bees) and tortured (yes they torture them too by ripping their wings off, etc.) so that all this honey; bee vomit, could be dumped onto these people and called “art” for some bored photographer. SHAME on you. Art is supposed to be about creating, expression, and even beauty. Not destruction and harming innocent beings as well as this planet. Truly grotesque. Also, I have to cry child abuse when I see an infant child covered in honey. I highly doubt that was consensual or pleasant for the baby boy/girl!!

  • Shaylen

    Or how about not using the honey at all as it is not his property and he has NO RIGHT to damage the ecosystem, where bees, who are endangered, are detrimental. He could have used agave, but I’m not even for using VEGAN foods for art. Food is for sustenance and to waste is just ugly. Nothing artistic about waste, destruction, or cruelty. Bees are also very intelligent, this is just a disgusting display of human gluttony and disregard for all life.

  • Armand Paolini

    I dont care about all the honey wasted i think the fat guy smiling is amusing and one of kind picture.original concept is pretty cool to.

  • Danny

    Similar to starving a dog to death. . Is not art in my eyes. This is just so wrong.. Wasted food (honey) could feed so many disadvantaged and hungry people. Please reconsider your value and choose not to support these sort of “art” and financially support (thereby encouraging) artists who disregard and disrespect well being of our one and only world (other people, animals, plants, environment/ecosystem.. etc). Such “creative” being should put more effort into creating something extra ordinary without abusing, exploiting and inflicting any form of harm/pain.. otherwise you have just lost your creditability, integrity and artistic spark.. and you should JUST STOP!

  • Gottahave Thetotal Package

    Ok ppl calm down this might just be a synthetic production of honey, and not the natural form.

  • elle

    These are beautiful. But the waste is ridiculous. Honey is not a sustainable commodity.

  • doseofcommonsense

    Yeah, abusing a baby like this is unethical, uncool and possibly illegal. Child protection should be notified in this city. The honey is cold and if aspirated could cause lung problems.

  • doseofcommonsense

    Totally agree!!!! One of the models says it was cold. No wonder the artist shows the back of the baby. He or she probably is gasping and crying. The parents and the artist need to be shamed for this atrocious behaviour.

  • vitanieuw

    Who’d have thought.. The emperors new clothes are made of honey

  • David2014

    All you special snowflakes all upset about honey. Think of all the money wasted to buy that amount of honey. I bet Walmart had to restock their shelves (twice).

  • PictureofSanity

    The fact that bees are in decline in some places does not make honey any less of a renewable resource. He is not dumping crude oil or gasoline or even certain paints (gasp!) On his models.

  • i dont know why people are worried about the wastage of honey, arent these people the same who come from western countries where extreme amount of food goes to waste?