Iconic Contemporary Sculpture Inspires Exquisite Interiors And Architecture





DXV by American Standard is a landmark product line that represents the company’s storied history spanning 150 years. The collection spans four broad movements: Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today).  Each piece in the carefully curated collection harkens back to the era it was inspired by and combines it with modern sensibilities, technology and performance. Although each fixture is inspired by a distinct era, the entire collection has a dialogue and the ability to cross over and create a remix of eras in one space.

The pieces in the Contemporary Movement by DXV capture the ever-evolving spirit of present day design. Each quality crafted fixture, finish, and detail echo the clean lines of contemporary trends in interior design and architecture.  Modern day sculptors like Donald Judd, Tony Cragg and Random International have influenced creatives all around the world with their bold approach to materials, lines and form. Contemporary sculpture lovers can create spaces inspired by their favorites works with pieces from the DXV collection.



Donald Judd used repetitive shapes and forms in order to eschew the traditions of Abstract Expressionism. His work uses highly industrialized materials like iron, steel, plastic and Plexiglas, and are made using methods that more resemble the manufacturing of car parts than the making of art. All of these elements are employed to remove the artist’s personal touch from the objects and force the viewers to confront the objects on their own merit.


clean lines evoke Judd’s work




Tony Cragg’s sculptures are at once streamlined and disordered. Each sculpture echoes familiar silhouettes that have been stretched and twisted beyond certain recognition, creating objects that are both recognizable and alien.


make your own rain room with the Seagram shower suite

RR_Gal8RR_Gal11Random International’s Rain Room puts the average museum-goer in control of the weather. The rain room’s showers pause whenever a human body is detected, giving each visitor a unique experience of the work. Random International’s experimental work explores the relationship between the audience and the objects and spaces they create.

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