Sarah Gamble’s Painted Portraits Of Alien Weirdos

If you ever wondered what an alien looks like, painter Sarah Gamble could probably tell you. Her randomly frenetic drawings and paintings of beings not of this earth are filled with humor and expression which tell a story of everyday life. In multi-colored shapes and thick black lines Gamble explores another world that looks and acts much like our own. Her fascination with this subject matter began a few years ago when she became intrigued with invisible communication waves. This led to a series of paintings and drawings which resulted in incredible abstract shapes and forms in traditional landscapes.
She moved on to depictions of human-like entities which seemed encased in bondage or magical glitter. These eventually turned into portrait like weirdos. A new painting just posted on Instagram by the artist seems to take another turn for the bizarre. It encapsulates a very realistic style with a nod to nature’s primal instinct.
This past year, Gamble lived at The Roswell Residency in Roswell, New Mexico. She spent most of her time creating dozens of black ink drawings on paper depicting her beloved black cat Tony, along with a character known as “crazy man”. Other renderings included centaurs, teeth and hands. Many of these drawings ended up in a show called “Your Life Is Happening Now,” at Moore College Of Art and Design in Philadelphia. Running until March 14, 2015, it documents her day to day existence at Roswell, and touches on ideas of displacement, anxiety and fear.


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