Designer Gabriel Sarkijarvi’s Creepy And Charming Illusion Chair Features A Hidden Face

Gabriel_Sarkijarvi designGabriel_Sarkijarvi designGabriel_Sarkijarvi designGabriel_Sarkijarvi design
People hand down heirlooms in the form of jewelry, books, plates, and paintings. Now, thanks to Swedish designer Gabriel Sarkijarvi, you can add Illusion Chair to the list.  What exactly is an Illusion Chair? Well, it’s a very well made piece of furniture with a subtle likeness of someone’s face carved into its back. This is achieved through a raster process that creates a dot matrix data structure in a rectangular format, MDF boards are then cut into templates of the subject’s face then finalized in birch.The end result is a timeless piece.
The chair gives off an eerie photo realistic vibe, similar to silhouette. Since the back is slatted depending on where you stand it looks just like a regular chair. But if it hits the light just right, the likeness of someone’s face will suddenly appear.The chair is clever and functional making it a wonderful conversation piece at dinner parties.There might even be a game in there for someone who has unlimited resources. Guess the illusion chair or musical illusion chairs?
Sarkijarvi has always been fascinated by illusion, and used this awe for inspiration. The designer compared it to a new kind of heirloom where the user could sit on it and feel as though they were sitting on the lap of the likeness at hand. Pet owners would dig it and make a chair of their beloved animal and be able to sit close to them always. I know I would.  (via designmilk)
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gabriel sarkijarvi designGabriel_Sarkijarvi designGabriel_Sarkijarvi design

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