Jay Davis’ Subconscious Symbolism Pierces Pop Culture

throwingupdoritostastetherainbow snacktaichi jaydavis-minimalpicnicing

Jay Davis makes paintings which recombine everyday things into elegant assemblages.  A single painting might combine corporate logos with the food we eat, alongside expressive abstract paintings, placing all these separate symbols side-by-side inside one larger painting that retains a semi-abstract composition.  I was briefly in Jay’s studio, and he talked to me about Doritos logos, MasterCard colors, and the way an orange unfolds when you cut it and press it flat on a table, and while he was talking I had the feeling of a deep rustling in my subconscious, like he was talking to my id, or hypnotizing me with corporate jargon.  If you are in Montgomery, Alabama you can see a solo shows of Davis’ work at Triumph and Disaster Gallery until December 31st ’14.  You can also pick up the Exquisite Corpse catalog from Mass Gallery in Austin, Texas, which has a nice spread of his paintings.

jaydavis-blooddroolandtears effects curtains checkplease

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