Robots, Superheroes, And Villains Pose For Daniel Picard’s Figure Fantasy





Superheroes and toys, clever photography and computer magic, familiar figures and surreal scenes—Ottowa photographer Daniel Picard may have found the perfect recipe in his series “Figure Fantasy.” Using items from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles, he sets up scenarios on location and shoots them, making the 6” to 12″ tall toys look like they are full-size.

“Seeing Superman stop a train in danger is quite common, but making him take a selfie while doing it is something new and quite silly and that’s how I try to approach my photos: I take these characters from different books and movies and mix them up and make them do things that we’ve never seen them do before because that’s the freedom I have in using these awesome poseable figures and they’ve truly become the perfect ‘actors’ for my scenes.”

The photos feel like a very well executed glimpse behind the scenes. It turns out that when the cameras are off, even Darth Vader has to pee. Batman is a snitch, the Joker is building his own LEGO Gotham, and the IG-88 Assassin Droid practices yoga on the beach. Picard’s childhood interest in comic books serves him well here. From the very first, impromptu, photo of a robot in a field holding a blue balloon, the images have been funny, sometimes scary, sometimes wistful, and always cool.

“I see places and think of photos, scenes and angles in my head, then [I] come home and sketch things out while looking at my collection to see who could be cool to use and how to pose them.” (Source)

Picard has recently teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles for some as-of-now unannounced projects, using their 12” figures as well as their statues. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for updates and new photos!









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  • rlc37

    I really liked this article because I’ve been thinking about
    doing something very similar. I’m currently going to school for computer
    graphics, which of course means I’m learning about Photoshop and the other
    programs in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. We have some unique buildings on campus and
    I catch myself walking around thinking about ways of using the structures in
    pictures. I’m also a comic book fan so my thoughts usually turned to
    superheroes standing on the stranger buildings, but I was always thinking about
    just using Photoshop to place a picture of the hero in or on the building, I never
    thought about using action figures though.

    I really like the picture of Darth Vader using the bathroom
    and he still has the Storm Troopers standing guard for him, it made my
    imagination start working overtime. Are the bathrooms of the future still that
    similar to the bathrooms we have now? Quite possible since I don’t see what
    other advances we can really make to the design of public restrooms, of course
    I’m not a designer or plumber or anything like that so who knows. Another thought was does Vader really need
    guards to protect him in the bathroom, but I suppose if you wanted an advantage
    that might be the best place to attack, of course would you really want to
    tangle with him when his “lightsaber” is swinging free?

    The other one I really liked was the G.I. Joe Crimson Guard
    action figure trying to get the dog off the Cobra Commanders throne. As a dog
    owner I can relate to this picture, there have been many times I go to sit in
    my chair and my dog is there, I tell him to get off and just like the dog in
    the picture I get a look that you know is saying “You have got to be kidding.”