Lifelike, Creepy Cakes By Conjurer’s Kitchen

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At first glance, these creations might only look like small sculptures. But, they’re more than that. UK-based Conjurer’s Kitchen crafted these impressive pieces that are actually cakes. The yummy sponge cakes are shaped like surgeries, skulls, and cross-sectioned bodies. They’re bloody, decrepited, and deliciously disgusting. Conjurer’s Kitchen has expertly colored and painted the tiny details like veins on a skull

Annabel de Vetten is the woman behind these fantastic creations. Not surprisingly, she was trained as a sculptor and previously made a living as a painter. Her foyer into food art started when she made her own wedding cake. Now, she draws inspiration from horror films, alternative art, and more; she has a variety of clients. “It’s great! One day I’ll be working on a full-sized replica of the actor from the TV show Dexter for FOX, then I’ll be doing a wedding cake for a couple who runs an S&M business, and the next I’ll be doing a dragon for a wedding at Warwick Castle,” she says.

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  • rlc37

    These cakes are truly remarkable, I had my wife look at the
    picture of the cake in the shape of the head, she’s a massage therapist so
    muscle structure is something she had to learn in school, and she said that it
    is actually quite accurate for the medium it’s represented in. Personally I was
    impressed before that, if nothing else, it is a completely original idea as far
    as I know. I’m just curious as to how they taste, do the dyes and different
    frosting she must use mix well or do they conflict with the taste of the cake.
    I was so impressed by her skill and your article, I was forced to follow the
    link you provided to her website. I was thought some of her creations were jaw-dropping
    and would suggest to anyone that finds this article even a little interesting
    go and check out some of her other cakes. The ones you showed in your article
    are very impressive but I think some of the ones on her site were far better.
    Did she supply the pictures for the article or did you take them? I only ask
    because if she supplied them then I suppose she chose them based on what her
    favorite pieces were. In your article she mentioned the one she did for the
    show Dexter and the dragon for the
    Warwick Castle, she had those posted on her website and they are amazing. I’m
    curious as to what her process is for making these, does she draw them up on
    paper first, does she use a computer, or what? How long does it actually take
    to make the cakes? It would be nice to know her actual process of making these
    beautiful pieces of art, they may be a bit disturbing to some people, but all I
    have to say is “Wow.”