Street Artist JPS Pairs Pop Culture Stencils With Silly Puns

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Maybe you love puns, maybe you hate them. Whatever your stance on them, UK street artist JPS is a fan. They permeate his work as he incorporates the witty phrases into stenciled images of characters in popular culture. We see Batman, Loki, Biggie Smalls, and even Michael Jackson on walls and rocks and are often accompanied by text that’s specific to the character.

JPS’ clever street art is made extra amusing because of how silly some of his puns are. A previously graffitied wall has his addition of “This surface needs a Sheen,” with a portrait of Charlie Sheen next to it. Groan-worthy, yes, but it might’ve made you chortle. And, this is probably part of the point of JPS’ stencils. While funny, they engage the average passerby and infuse some humor into their day and stay subversive at the same time. (Via The Roosevelts)

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  • rlc37

    I must say I like JPS’s sense of style. Some people may say
    that if he is using stencils he really isn’t an artist, I would have to
    disagree. I don’t know of anywhere you could just go out and buy these
    stencils, so he must make them himself, and even if he does buy them, if you
    look at the images they still have details like shading and color changes in
    them. This tells me he is actually very talented and I would assume he uses the
    stencils to be faster with his painting since I’m also assuming he’s doing this
    without permission of the property owners. While his puns are really not all
    the impressive, I can imagine if you are having a bad day and you happen to
    come across one of his pieces of work, they might if nothing else, put a smile
    on your face which sometimes is all you need to get your day going in a better
    direction. I can also imagine they would give you something to talk about when
    talking about things that occurred throughout your day with friends or maybe
    your significant other. These things while they may seem mundane and trivial
    are actually really important and I think he realizes this, I think that’s the
    reason most of the pictures had a pun, I don’t think he’s trying to be
    malicious, just bring a little humor to the masses. I thought the Biggie Smalls
    pun was probably best, but I wish you had put something else in the picture so
    we could have a reference to indicate the size of the wall and the picture. My
    absolute favorite though has to be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre one, I love the
    fact that you see in the foreground the fence and with Leatherface in the
    background it looks like he could be trapped in there, very creative on JPS’s