Extremely Detailed Steampunk-Inspired Bronze Sculptures By Alain Bellino

Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-1 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-2 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-3 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-4

Talented French sculptor and restorer Alain Bellino creates extremely detailed, ornate bronze sculptures from metal leftovers. He transforms various old items such as cutlery or chandeliers by welding them into fascinating works of art.

Born in 1955, Bellino has been learning gold and silver plating and bronze restoration in his father’s workshop. Only in 2010, after years of practice and technical research, artist developed his personal style which was highly inspired by both Renaissance and steampunk. As described in his website:

“In his work of re-directing and re-assembling, which is both iconoclast and highly rigorous from a formal point of view, at the crossroads between past and future, Alain Bellino sublimates and rehabilitates the ornamentation.”

Various steampunk motifs and floral ornamented skulls are frequent objects in his work. Bellino’s vanitas are often infused with extra surrealism, for example castles and ships and mounting on top of skull sculptures. His latest work, the Darth Vader mask, demonstrates how delicately Bellino’s creations connect modern and antique worlds.

Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-5 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-6 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-7 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-8 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-9 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-10 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-11 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-12 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-13 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-14 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-15 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-16 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-17 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-18 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-19 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-20 Alain-Bellino-Sculpture-21

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  • Kiriosities

    Stunning! I aspire to be this good if an artist someday.

  • Kiriosities

    By the way, does Mr. bellino say where he finds the objects / material for his pieces, i.e. flea markets, estate sales, etc.?