Women Take To The Streets Wearing Menstrual Blood Stains


Fed up with the shame surrounding their periods, the Spanish performance collective Sangre Menstrual took over the public streets in sets of white pants stained with menstrual blood. This performance artwork was politically motivated; as the group writes in their “Manifesto for the Visibility of the Period,” the taboo surrounding menstruation serves to oppress women and reinforce patriarchal systems.

By making a public display of their shedding uterine linings, the group hopes to reclaim the female body and free normal bodily functions from shame and judgement. Since the earliest books of the bible and before, menstruation has been viewed as unclean, and often women have even been kept separate from men during their periods. Sangre Menstrual, whose name literally translates to “menstrual blood,” intends to change all that. In their manifesto, the group of women write, “I stain [my pants], and it doesn’t make me sick. I stain [my pants] and I don’t find it disgusting.”

The implications of Sangre Menstrual’s street performance extend beyond menstruation and into larger debates surrounding reproduction and the female body. Like the feminist artist Barbara Kruger and her legendary print “Your Body Is A Battlefield,” the blood-stained performance aims to present the body as a political act of defiance. The manifesto states, “the visibility of the period [is meant] to increase the visibility of the body, as political space.” Do patriarchal, sexist institutions persist in part because of the repulsion with which we treat menstruation? Is this work of art a groundbreaking innovation or a silly shock tactic? (via BUST)

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  • AMartin


  • Nicole Chojnacki

    I’m a woman and even I find this gross. Blood is still blood, and women going around dripping bodily fluids could give someone else a bloodborne disease.

  • eazypeazy

    HELL’S YEAH! poor a bloody sangria for me girls!

  • LM

    These dumb cunts need to find jobs or something else to keep them busy. You’re not making a profound statement, just an ass of yourself. Grow up.

  • Marleen

    WTF? that’s nasty!

  • The Pop Pessimist

    What a waste of activism.

  • John

    These morons are actually passionate about THIS?

  • Momuk

    I personally wouldn’t dare that kind of performance, but I think they have a point. Since my teenage years I always found it puzzling and increasingly annoying when people (mostly men, but some women too) would wrinkle their noses and go «ewwww, gross» everytime periods are mentionned. Like its an abnormal abomination. So yes, I think people should grow up about it and re-evaluate the way they see the woman body. Bravo, ladies!

  • Momuk

    So one is either an activist OR a full-time worker, is that how it works? And no need to call anyone a “dumb cunt” – stating your disagreement is usually enough to get your point across.

  • Brody Black

    Hey fellow men, let’s all get together to walk around with loads of semen in our shorts, stick, viscus and smelling slightly like bleach. Let’s all “stick” together boys.

  • Bek

    Isn’t that what you guys normally do?

  • shanana

    Period blood is not sperm. Your argument is invalid

  • bertha butt

    Your puny male ejaculate is but a speck in our crimson sea. Your filthy tadpole sperms shall choke beneath our angry waves.

  • Alex

    “Is this work of art a groundbreaking innovation or a silly shock tactic?”
    Fucking unhygienic, is what it is. And mighty stupid as well.
    Seriously, let’s all stop showering, and call it a fucking protest against the unnatural cleanliness of the modern societal norms.
    Not all norms are evil. Some of them are there to protect you from infectious disease and parasites, and the ones around you from foul smells.

  • YouHaveNoIdea

    Even if I busted my knee or something, and it started bleeding profusely, I wouldn’t walk around letting everyone see my blood. Conversely, I don’t want to see anyone’s blood in public, for any reason.

    Your period is not disgusting. Bleeding is disgusting. That is your business. No one should have to be unwillingly and unwittingly subjected to it. That being said, it’s kind of hilarious.

  • dave

    Feminists are socialists with false doctrine and are loopy as hell

  • urmila

    i believe i’m being forced to be a feminist after reading all these ignorant and invalid comments.It is a tad bit unconventional and might seem gross to many but i don’t think there is a need for name calling.I’m a 16 year old,if i’m able to think the way i do,why can’t you?And Dave, just because you used a few big fancy words doesn’t make you smart,it is the thought that makes you an intellectual individual and i’m not impressed one bit by your conceited comment.
    and btw i absolutely loved this piece.Its different and ridiculously funny 🙂

  • matter0ni

    lol feminism has nothing to do with a political ideology, it has to do with human equality. how can you not understand the first basic premise?

  • Xander

    Holy shit! Realy?!?!?! I thought they were the same thing…thanks for the info!

    But I believe his point was bodily fluids released by each sex are both equally disgusting. What would you do if guys honestly walked around with semen stains all over? Be revolted by it, no shit!

  • billtconner

    Men Take to the streets wearing semen crusted underwear from nocturnal emissions.

  • Leapold snarkly

    Interesting you use the word choke, do you swallow?

  • CaptainObvious

    Female supremacy***

  • CaptainObvious

    Sperm improves skin quality, is filled with protein so is incredibly useful for adding muscle mass, and are not tadpoles. Seriously, this is your argument? If you’ve ever been with a woman on her period and pull out, it’s more like a white slush on a crimson puddle. You fail. Also, if it’s like a sea I think you’d best go see a doctor because of bleeding far too heavily. I love you.

  • CaptainObvious

    You do fake it just to annoy us; the most mature women don’t have them, you immature person! I jest, I jest. But if the people you know are bothered by periods, you know immature prickshit eating, tampon avoiding, cunty ballbags. Avoid the stupid people. I love you!

  • CaptainObvious

    He said “Keep them busy”. Also, an insult isn’t an insult if it’s factual. Are the KKK a bunch of racist cunts? Of course! The gent/lady who posted originally clearly believes the ‘ladies’ in the picture are dumb cunts, and if they believe spreading infections, diseases, and just being outright unhygienic in public is so important, maybe he’s right. I love you!

  • CaptainObvious

    Yes. Thinking about you. Oh la la. A stupid comment will get a stupid reply. Now shush you! I love you.

  • CaptainObvious

    Dave is right. I find it funny that you stated his opinion was “ignorant and invalid” simply because you disagree with his comment. He’s completely right, and you resorting to insults without arguing against his point in a civilized manner, really shows your age. Grow up, and study feminism. They hate women almost as much as they hate men. Just look up how they’re trying to treat women like children by making it seem like they are void of all responsibility, victims who can only be acted on. It’s harmful. Respond with intelligence, or don’t respond at all.

  • Les

    How fitting that you’d choose the word “cunt” to insult these women. Pretty sure they’d be honored to wear that label.

    Whether or not this is the right way for them to have made a statement, this is exactly what they were talking about, how periods and vaginas/cunts are made out to be negative things.

  • urmila

    lol you’re a joke.
    Intelligent enough for you?

  • emily milano

    The point of these women taking to the streets is to reveal to the world what they go through is completely natural. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Those who feel disgusted with this act, are clearly closed-minded and unaccepting of how the natural world works. We’ve seemed to have lost the factor that brings us to humanity and instead shame and dis everything that is and always will be natural to us. those who are comparing this bleeding to an open wound or semen are wrong in every way because the bleeding of a women happens naturally, on it’s own cycle, when a bleeding leg happens rarely and semen happens when it’s forced out. I’m dissatisfied with most of your comments; they are cruel and you clearly did not think enough about what was being done, so you saw the opportunity the bash a group of highly intelligent and passionate women.

  • Riv

    Exactly! I don’t just go around dripping period blood because I’m ashamed of it, I just like to stay clean lmao!

  • Riv

    I feel like she was just joking around and not being serious at all…

  • Riv

    I completely agree with you. I’m quite fond of showers. And I’d wish certain customers that come into my work often would partake in showers more lol. I can smell them from across the counter =/

  • emrumc312

    Men are not required to have an orgasm for 3-7 days day in and day out every month.

  • Earl of Taint

    OK, let’s all crap our pants. You wymyns are daft AF.

  • Earl of Taint

    Blow your noses all over your pants too. Live it up, Skanky Hos.

  • Earl of Taint

    None of these ‘women’ are even marginally hittable. Sure that’s their main problem.

  • Earl of Taint

    Weak and whiny is not equal.

  • IA_Adam

    Progtards in all their gory… I mean glory… Walking around this way is a major health hazard. Plus, it’s just disgusting. Idiots.

  • pbird

    Its just paint. They are so yawnworthy.

  • bike mike

    I am sure a whole bunch of guys are lining up to date them

  • Good luck ladies, finding out just how worthless your Womens Studies degrees are, out in the real world. Not a lot of demand in Obama’s lessened America for the “talents” of those who can spray paint their legs red.

  • Duda

    Male tears, male tears everywhere! :”'(((((((((((

  • Stephen Emhecht

    this is fucking nasty and people who do it deserve to be yelled at :U

  • Miliakka

    Well, I guess I can walk with Jizz-stains on my pants now? It’s liberating, isn’t it?

  • Miliakka

    Bodily fluids like periods, piss, sh*t, ji*z, spit etc are gross to most poeple. Get over it…

  • Miliakka

    Well, piss, jizz, spit and other bodily fluids are also disgusting. Unless you like jizz…

  • noneofyourbeeswax

    Goodness gracious…

  • g

    Please, don’t offer me sex with your white, pus-like, snot-like, stinky, gooey white thing that comes out of your “thing”, what you call that funny “thing”, I mean the “dick”…. I mean, seriously….. Make sure your filthy pus-like fluid gets safely secured inside a condom – not a drop of that semen on my body during sex, please or, I’ll vomit in your face and just pass out from grossness. And please, have some respect for our eyes and children in the house – wrap up those used condoms full of ejaculated pus-like thing ever coming out of your discharging organ in a piece of paper before throwing this monstrous looking fluid in a trash can!!! How about that?

  • sunflowergirlntx

    You must seriously hate men. Are you a lesbian? If sperm makes you so sick, then how could you get close to a penis at all?

  • sunflowergirlntx

    I am a female, and I say they are dumb cunts. Any woman who would disrespect themselves like these women above in the article? Dumb cunts.

  • Mona

    Typical disgusting man hater ( I am a woman and hate bithes like u, now go eat ur own blood and shit

  • Matt

    To those of you using the argument that men should simply walk around with “jizz stained paints” although I understand where you are coming from, we choose whether or not we jizz, women don’t get a choice in the matter. The reason these women have gone to such lengths is to attract this kind of attention. Of course it’s gross, they probably don’t like doing it, but they are doing it in hopes of starting a discussion and that’s exactly what has happened. Discussion is great! We should be discussing this openly and without judgement. It’s an art piece, of course it’s going to be over the top. The goal here is not for women to walk around without hygienic products but instead to stop being shamed if someone were to find out that they are on their period. Perhaps even to make feminine hygiene products free instead of the usual 10$ a package. Women already make less money than men and they are subjected to pay more for products every day. It’s a cycle that only promotes the current Patriarchal system. It’s important that we men refrain from being ignorant to our privilege. I encourage discussion and debate but I believe we should be less hostile towards each other, so that we can both benefit. All women are asking for here is equality. If you don’t think that women are treated poorly compared to men, just read the comments below, or search on google what happens when women try to say no to us. I urge you to inform yourselves on the current state of gender inequality.

  • Shady az

    Except me that turns me on as well as farts

  • Teagan N

    Uh.. bed stains, chair stains, clothes stains? Hello! That shit is messy! “I’m going to share my uterus sheddings with the world!” .. Please, no.

  • Felisha H.

    …… Ok….I can see the point in this. Women should not feel ashamed for having their menstrual. It’s a natural thing that happens in every women’s life. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for having your period when almost every other women does so too.

    HOWEVER!!! Flaunting around with blood stains, blood dripping down your leg and getting blood on everything you sit on, lean on, etc. Is HIGHLY UNHYGIENIC! It can cause foul smells, disgust from thoes in public and prone people to blood bound diseases. Not to mention their are People with Hemophobia (Fear of Blood.) To be bluntly honest, this act is a huge health risk and just plain out selfish.

    Again, there is nothing wrong with Menstruating, BUT it is wrong to cause such a public health risk and it’s honestly just down right disgusting. And I’m sure other Women will agree with this.

    (I am a women by the way, and I am a proud Feminist! Love and Equality for all, Including Men! <3)

  • Daniel

    Since the ancient time pee and crap has been seen as unclean too, that why we don’t take our shits on the middle of the road no matter how natural is that phenomenom.
    You can’t judge me if I find menstrual blood repulsive. Since the begining of time, blood is associated with injuries, unhealtyness and even death, so I think is normal to feel how I feel.
    Also: “I stain [my pants], and it doesn’t make me sick. I stain [my pants] and I don’t find it disgusting.” …. well, I don’t feel disgusted by my own farts either… they are mine, but if someone farts next to me I die….

  • Guest

    These ladies might as well take dumps in their pants as well.

  • ZEANski

    Patriarchal institustions? 😀