Lilli Carré’s Whimsical And Surreal Moving Comic Drawings

Lilli Carré Lilli Carré Lilli Carré carregif

Interdisciplinary artist and illustrator Lilli Carré‘s “Moving Drawings” are simple and abstract and capture, in looped form, the surreal whimsicality to be found in her comic illustrations and animations. Based in Chicago, Carré has created several comic books and is a co-founder – along with her animator husband, Alexander Stewart – of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. Carré’s animations are playful, evocative of childhood, and deal with themes of mundanity and transformation. Aware of the way animated gifs command attention and provoke feelings of delight and curiosity, of her gifs, Carré says, “They help me get little images in my head — like a woman incessantly eating flowers — out of my mind and into moving forms. They don’t have to be part of bigger projects; they can just exist on their own and live forever on the Internet. They’re like little breaths of fresh air.” You can find a collection of Carré’s animated films over on Vimeo. (via juxtapoz)

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  • Lilli / Jene – just had an idea that I may try and make. I work as a picture framer at – has anyone ever managed to mount a digital canvas around a picture mount and then frame it ? – as that way you could then put your amazing moving gifs into a frame and then alternate the images – I may have a go at this when I get a free hour or 2.