Enrico Ferrarini’s Takes Traditional Sculpture To Its Digital Conclusion

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Italian artist Enrico Ferrarini builds upon the famous art history of his country, quite literally,  in his unique style which takes traditional sculpture to its digital conclusion. By carving and casting sculptures and then creating multiples of them, Ferrrani combined them, bring a glitched, modernly repetitive styling to time-honored sculpting methods.

The Moderna, Italy-born artist has studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts (where some of the most famous sculptures of all time, including Donatello and Michelangelo’s Davids reside), and employs methods of sculpture which are not typically learned by today’s artists. Perhaps that is why his work has a deeper resonance; employing the methods of the past to work with the styling of today. (via myampgoesto11)

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  • Daniele Rossi

    Hello, I’m writing from the country shaped like a boot. I would like to point out that Mr Ferrarini (my roommate in Carrara) works exclusively with traditional methods of modeling and who has never made ​​use of computers for his personal works. The misunderstanding that you did also explains why you have distorted the name of his hometown, Modena, in “Moderna”. I suggest you get in contact with him, as well as being a great artist is also a very kind person.