Made With Color Presents: The Intricate Sketchbook Drawings Of Zidekahedron





Premiere website builder Made With Color and Beautiful/Decay team up each week to bring you some of the best contemporary artists and designers using Made With Color to build their sleek websites. Made With Color helps artists create well-designed and mobile/tablet responsive websites in a few minutes without having to touch a line of code.This week we are excited to share the work of Zidekahedron who created his portfolio site on the Made With Color platform.

The intricate drawings and illustrations of North Carolina based Chris Zidek A.K.A Zidekahedron are ultra-detailed explorations into the unknown. Rather than looking at art history or pop culture for inspiration, the majority of Zidekahedron’s inspiration results from reading non-fiction. Quantum physics, sacred geometry, astrophysics, cosmology, ancient forbidden archaeology, and theories of an advanced human past all come together and collide in his stippled and patterned worlds that live within the pages of his sketchbook.

Expanding about his work he states:

I’ve been creating my own mythology based on these studies, specifically focused on how creation functions on a macro and micro level, how pyramids were constructed, and how life is truly created, usually with sacred geometry acting as the underlying blueprint. My demigod characters act as the answer to most of the oldest questions we have. They range from the size of a subatomic particle, to 150 foot tall pyramid construction workers, to 50,000 mile high planetary architects/demolishers.

zidekahedronzidekahedron zidekahedron zidekahedron



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  • Physics_Mike

    We are so very proud of the work you have produced as well as the man/artist you have become!

  • graywolf4life

    Proud of your work and efforts too. Proud to say that I taught you high school physics too. Keep up the good work and keep your dreams alive.

  • jamal

    So proud to call you my son

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