Website Builder Made With Color Presents: The Installations Of Linville And McKenzie

Linville and McKenzie

Linville and McKenzie

Linville and McKenzieLinville and McKenzie


Premiere website builder Made With Color and Beautiful/Decay have teamed up yet again to bring you exclusive artist features. Each week we join forces to bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who use Made With Color to create their clean and sleek websites. Website builder Made With Color doesn’t just help artists create minimal and mobile/tablet responsive websites but allows them to do so in a few minutes without having to touch a line of code. This week we’re excited to bring you the exciting collaborative work of Linville And McKenzie.

Los Angeles based artists Annelie McKenzie and Tina Linville have been collaborating since 2011 under the name Linville And McKenzie. They work together to create site responsive installations and artworks that blur the distinctions between painting and sculpture. Using a mix of found objects, studio constructions, and contributions from viewers the duo creates order out of chaos with their multimedia works that not only fill the gallery space but transform it into a colorful and at times grotesque world.

‘Pataphor (pictured above)
East Gatov Gallery
Where a metaphor is the comparison of two different things to reflect their similarities, a ‘pataphor starts with the similarity in order to open up a new world, something completely its own. This exhibition’s starting point was our own individual art practices. Where our inquiries overlap might also create its own new world, our own collaborative ‘pataphor.


Her Here Magic
Torrance Art Museum
The Oh Nancy project offers a narrative structure upon which participating artists may add and continue the story through invited contributions. The project’s storyline incorporates quintessential American institutions and mythologizes them, creating a surrogate universe in which participants address real world issues. Our contribution transformed an otherwise passive Nancy into a young woman with agency, working to understand and control her own power and capacity.


When the project visited Los Angeles, the show was envisioned as a temporary home for the cast of Oh Nancy characters on the run. Our installation for this exhibition was the creation of a private space for Nancy with our interventions centered around a tent like structure where she could escape from her supposed “rescuers” and practice and hone her own skills.

Linville and McKenzieLinville and McKenzieLinville and McKenzie

Beyond The Courtyard

Dutzi Gallery”Beyond The Courtyard” was inspired by interior and exterior spaces of the Palace of Versailles. It identifies Painting and Sculpture as a metaphor for binary systems. The two disciplines awkwardly try to live up to the traditional model of separate presentation, but begin to perform new relational scripts as one further explores the spaces of exhibition.

Linville and McKenzieLinville and McKenzieLinville and McKenzie


Interior Forest
18th Street Art Center
Mains d’Oeuvres

“Visiting Tree” mixed media sculptural installations were created for the Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest project in two sites: Santa Monica, CA and Paris France, 2013.
Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest is a multi faceted project by Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant in collaboration with French writer Helene Cixous. The project is an exhibition in two cities — Los Angeles and Paris — and in two parts: a forest installation and a large-scale illustration of the Helene Cixous’ book “Philippines.”
The forest installation included sculpture made by Grant as well as individual tree-like sculpture by invited artists. We were invited to create a “Visiting Tree” for both sites of the project.
Coming out of an ongoing exchange between Grant and Cixous, the Foret Interieure/Interior Forest articulates imagery and themes from the text Phillippines, using the idea of the forest as a profound shared space. Drifting between a real and imagined place, the forest becomes a site for communion with what Cixous terms “the perfect Other.” As an artist collaborative duo, our participation in the project embodies this concept.
Our collaborative work combines aspects of our individual practices in painting and sculpture into the combined project of site responsive installation. A practice devoid of ego, together we develop intricate surfaces of layered paint, fabric, craft and found materials, collaged and sewn together over walls or object remnants.


Linville and McKenzie
Linville and McKenzie
Linville and McKenzie


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