The Last Meals Of Death Row Inmates Documented By Henry Hargreaves

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In the series No Seconds, photographer Henry Hargreaves recreates and records the last meals of Death Row inmates. He captures not only what they ate, but accompanies the photos with what was on the menu and the crimes they committed. Hargreaves is no stranger to the Beautiful/Decay blog, where he was last seen collaborating with food stylist Caitlin Levin. With this particular project, it’s all him, fueled by his towards incredulousness of the US Death Penalty as inspiration. “In New Zealand (where I’m from), and in fact nearly any where else in the developed world, the Death Penalty is just not even in the conversation.” Hargeaves states. “It is a remnant of an earlier era. This little bit of civility, ‘hey we are going to kill you but what would you like to eat?’ just jumped off the page.”

These last meals are recreated beautifully, and the photographer depicts each with its own style. Some, like the fried chicken dinner of John Wayne Gacey appears greasy and gluttonous. Others, like Victor Feguer’s single olive is a poignantly positioned on a gold-trimmed plate.

Food is a common thread amongst diverse groups of people, and the eating habits and choices made can tell you a lot about a person. In researching the project, Hargreaves tells Vice, “The thing that kind of struck me with these last meals was how many of them were these big, deep fried meals, which we like to call comfort food. Here were these people in their last moments and all they really want was a little bit of comfort.” This is one of the last messages someone on Death Row could send, and their choices make you contemplate the message they might be trying to send. What was Timothy McVeigh trying to say when he ordered two pints of ice cream? We’ll never know. (Via Huffington Post and Vice)

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  • richww2

    My last meal would be:
    1 rack ribs
    1 sushi deluxe platter
    1 belgian waffle with whipped cream and syrup
    2 pounds crispy bacon
    6 pack of Dr. Pepper

    Going out in style

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  • Eddie Vedder

    I would order up me some salmon, steam broc, avacado, ice cream cake, and a diet coke from mcdonalds

  • Conspiracy Carrot

    I don’t think I could eat an entire Nissan for my last meal. Your aunty is something else.

  • cari

    Lobster tail?? Seriously?? This is where our tax money goes??

  • anonymous coward

    Holy shit I just spit my last meal everywhere from that

  • youknowit

    if you’re so concerned about where your tax money goes, you might want consider that the cost of executing someone is far greater than than a sentence of Life without the Possibility of Parole. (LWOP) When you factor the added cost of appeals, ( so necessary for due process, unless executing innocent people doesn’t bother you-and keep in mind that innocent people have been exonerated after spending decades on death row) the special housing and security required, etc it becomes quite clear just how expensive the death penalty really is. The only rational solution is its abolition.

  • beausoleil

    poutine with extra curds, bloody steak with blue cheese, easter cream eggs, kawartha diary pumpkin pie ice cream

  • PumpkinParamour

    Carrot, you made my day.

  • Uncle Ochre

    Yes, I know her ~ she sucked me off and I spunked up her nose, right in the passenger seat of that Nissan Maxima. It’s a lovely car.

  • annamorphos

    …. and I am now hungry.

  • Daryn

    You may want to check your math considering that in many states it can cost more than 300K per year per inmate between food, housing, electric, water, etc. Now multiply that by 25-30 yrs. Still think it’s more expensive to throw a switch? Most of these scum would be kept in Ad-Seg anyway even if they did have LWOP so the “specialized unit” housing would still be taking place.
    So……it’s easy. Place into the law that they get a total of 2 appeals and only under specific grounds. Considering most cases involve DNA these days, unless DNA can exonerate someone, they go to old sparky. An no appealing far down the line. You get 45 days after sentencing to file the appeal which must be heard within another 60 days. 60 days should allow enough time for any necessary DNA testing. After that 60 days, if they lose the appeal, they get put to death. Pretty simple to me. If someone is “innocent”, DNA will clear them. Otherwise, sorry to say but they’re collateral damage. One life lost compared to hundreds if not thousands by showing these scumbags that there is a price to be paid rather than just having us support them the rest of their lives.

  • youknowit

    DNA will not “clear” everybody. Prosecutors routinely with hold exculpatory evidence, “eyewitness’ testimony is notoriously inaccurate, and cops lie like the breathe. Many people charged with Capital crimes have to wait years to just to get a lawyer who take the case-and last time I looked you can’t be tried without counsel. And apparently you missed the tidbit about innocent people exonerated after decades in prison.(Check out the Innocence Project-might open your eyes if not your mind) AND you’re saying If if we execute an innocent person, that’s just “collateral damage” ??? Seriously ??? That’s the same mindset shared by terrorists. Good company you’re keeping there. “One life lost….is a price to be paid” Yeah sure…as long it’s not yours.

  • Erik Denning

    But it has to be McDonalds diet coke.