Van Orton Design’s Stained-Glass Style 80’s Movie Posters




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Italian-based twin brother design team (who go by the nom de guerre) Van Orton Design created a hit recently with their latest project of stained-glass style movie posters. Digitally composing the images using iconic characters and scenes from each film, Van Orton replaced saints and religious iconography with pop-culture standards like the Terminator, The Joker and Jack Burton, juxtaposing them with the time-honored (and increasingly disappearing) art of stained glass sectioning.

Van Orton’s selection of now-classic films from the science-fiction, action and cult fantasy genres adds an interesting element to the genesis of these designs, in that they seem to replicate stained glass coloring books more than the classical stained glass reminiscent of Europe’s grand cathedrals. This design choice adds to the light-hearted and nostalgic mood of the series, and appropriately separates it from ‘high art’ (though the Batman Poster for example certainly has visual similarities to the work of famous British artists Gilbert & George). The combination of thin and thicker black lines (replicating the lead used to secure colored glass) holds a wide prismatic array of colors, which also brings a unique, crisp quality which can only be achieved through delicate digital design.

You can purchase your own posters (pre-colored or not) by Van Orton Design here.

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  • These are incredible. I love them

  • JiGGLeBiLLy

    The poster for BTILC is my person favorite… Others are good as well, but stained glass look a lot better with a minimalist approach. Some were just way too ‘busy’ – that’s why it’s so difficult to make (fewer pieces means LOTS more time spent finding a piece if glass that matches your colors and your pattern).

  • El Duderino

    The Blade Runner one is spectacular.

  • Baccar Wozat

    Umm, Han Solo doesn’t use a lightsaber.

  • Paul Berkemeier

    I suppose that could be a particle beam firing from the blaster… but yeah, looks like a saber.

  • David Kleiser

    die. now.

  • jpbrody

    True, he prefers a blaster. But if you look at some of the original posters, he does indeed hold a light saber.

  • Max Cal

    Great posters.
    Lego, Guardians, Hunger Games Posters would be terrific. Wanna see them 👍