Grotesque Human And Animal Hybrid Sculptures By Liu Xue

Sculpture Sculpture

human animal hybrids Liu Xue - Sculpture

Chinese sculptor Liu Xue combines a human with an animal, creating a hybrid being.  Each being has a human head with animal appendage (or appendages). A man is merged with a pig, a woman with a chicken, a man with a dog, and more.The result is something we haven’t seen before, one that seems non-threatening, but still grotesque at the same time. Xue has honed his craft and painted the sculptures to be so life like that they fall into the uncanny valley.

Xue’s choice to pair a human with an animal seem to be because it’s funny, and the hybrids fit with each other thematically.  For instance, a giant, bald man is given the tiny wings of a bat. Another work pits this same man with a seahorse bottom. We know both of these creatures are tiny, and the disparity in size is what makes it humorous. Other sculptures aren’t so amusing. An older man is combined with the body of greyhound dog. The gaunt appearance of the dog’s body and pained look on the man’s face makes this piece somber.

The unnatural combination of Xue’s work explores the notion of what’s considered attractive or glamourous. A naked, conventionally pretty woman, for instance, is given the unwieldy feet of a chicken.  Likewise, a young man has the same features. In the artist’s attempt to make both appear seductive, it’s hard to imagine these creatures moving gracefully.

Liu Xue - Sculpture

Liu Xue - SculptureLiu Xue - SculptureLiu Xue - Sculpture Liu Xue - SculptureLiu Xue - SculptureLiu Xue - SculptureLiu Xue - Sculpture

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  • Xavier Lopez
  • j4ckl3

    Genetic mutations here we come! People with wings!

  • Chan Mac

    If only more people knew how true that is…

  • Chan Mac

    I don’t get the usage of “grotesque” … or is that flying over my head?

  • lala

    omg get a real hobbie! or at least do something constructive! frikkin lame!

  • JMinneapolis

    I wish they were more anatomically correct, rather than just putting a human torso on top of the torso of another animal. Most of the minotaur types would have double guts/hearts and are not that realistic.

  • Jordan Moss

    Yet every muscle of the human and animal anatomy form is there to near perfect execution.
    I think the word you are looking for was Anthropomorphically correct.
    The muscles of a human and animal are very different and for that fact you would have to completely change the muscle structure of one to match up with the other. Which then would be “Anatomically incorrect”

  • Clarke

    How dare you insult this artist’s work, this man of wonder has spent years facilitating these works of art! What have you done with your life? Folded sweaters at Kmart or spend 14 hours a day on Instagram and Twitter? You should be ashamed of yourself for criticizing this man’s way of life.

  • necromancer

    awesome reply dude.. that one’s a teenager.. excuse!!

  • gacl

    I wish there were mass produced miniature versions for purchase at consumer prices.

  • Jessica Pseudonyms Satcher

    Until you start making things like this and posting them, don’t down his art. It’s stupendous work and you know it anyway. People always want something to pick apart instead of appreciating what is just good work. Leave well enough alone.

  • kelly

    its art doesn’t have to be anthropomorphically correct, the sculptures still convey what the artist wanted and there eerily beautiful

  • Michael Reading

    I look at these pictures and get I immense pleasure from the many beatiful textures that lie within the crevices of the horse flavored sculptures.