Made With Color Presents: Colin Roberts’ Grotesque And Funny Sculptures


MWC Horned Flesh Fawn
Website builder Made With Color and Beautiful/Decay have teamed up this week to bring you an exclusive artist feature. Each week we join forces to showcase some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who use Made With Color to create their clean and sleek website. All Made With Color sites are responsive and come with a built in mobile site, which means that your portfolio looks beautiful no matter how it’s viewed. This week we are excited to present the sculptures and drawings of Colin Roberts.

The work of Los Angeles based artist Colin Roberts are based on the uncanny. Robert’s work consists of sculpture, drawings, and installation that deal with the subject of psychic fragility. At times grotesque (see flesh book above) or humorous (see obese wooden figure above), his work is an exploration of the human condition which employs the tactics of both surrealism and abject art. The work evokes familiar imagery and obscures it in uncanny and fantastical ways. By using lexicons common to everyday life, the pieces have the ability to cross significant cultural, social and psychic boundaries.

MWC Finger Pile


MWC Bambi

MWC Flesh Fawn MWC Glass Pillow MWC Jungle SmileMWC Skeleton MWC The Flower Turtle

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  • dinorider2013

    This is a talented artist – I hope to see more of his work at any upcoming shows or galleries! There is such a plethora of art that is available or accessible these days, but it is not very interesting or “ground-breaking” in the least. Robert’s works are physically and physiologically engaging, and even if there is a disturbing quality or effect to some of his pieces — you can’t stop looking at them. I only wish him more recognition, success, humility, and artistic-adventures in his future.

  • Silverlakeswinger

    The book with the eye and flesh cover is my favorite of his pieces displayed here on your site. I want one! Great artist.

  • Pizzatastessogood

    That pillow is beautiful! That’s a brilliant work of art.