Sponsored Post: Respect. And G-Shock Present- Christophe Roberts

Christophe Roberts g-shockG-Shock and RESPECT. magazine have teamed up to showcase the work of some top, emerging art makers from across a variety of disciplines. The video series interviews four innovators: artist/sculptor Christophe Roberts, industrial designers Aaron Stathum and Eliot Coven and photographer Kareem Black. These individuals are exploring their own imaginations and finding new ways to their visions to life through their respective art forms. From sculpture, to photography to developing concepts for industrial design and products that improve our every day lives.

Christophe Roberts is a Brooklyn based artist by way of Chicago. His sculptures for the Nike retail windows garnered worldwide attention for his intricate sculptures make from none other than Nike shoe boxes. His beastly sculptures were meant to represent the animal inside each athlete. His techniques of cutting, altering, and spray-painting transform the shoe boxes into something otherworldly, transcending the materials that make them. From sculpture to graphic design Christophe strives to push the boundaries of his creativity.

Watch the full video featuring Christophe Roberts here.

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