Andres Serrano’s Powerful Images Of Death


The Morgue (Infectious Pneumonia)

Andres Serrano photography11

The Morgue (Pneumonia drowning)

The Morgue (Death Unknown)

The Morgue (Death Unknown)

Artist Andres Serrano‘s series of photographs The Morgue investigates ideas of death and our relationship with it.  Working with a forensic pathologist Serrano photographed the bodies with a near classical beauty rarely associated with the morgue.  Serrano ensured the anonymity of each person through tight cropping or veiling the face.  The way in which the light interacts with the bodies and their veils is reminiscent of Italian baroque painting.  The chiaroscuro of each photograph seems to underscore some mystery behind death balancing the morgue’s comparatively cold analytic approach.  Further, the careful attention to detail and composition dignifies each person.  Each subject, some actually unknown persons, are considered individually as initial shock gives way to contemplation and reflection.  However, these are not sentimental images.  There still remains a certain emotional detachment, a terrible loneliness in death, and Serrano’s intention is ambiguous.  Each photograph’s title is each subject’s respective cause of death, and have been inserted in each photographs’ caption.  Also, please note: Some may consider these photographs to be graphic and/or disturbing.  (via boum!bang!)


The Morgue (Natural Death)


The Morgue (AIDS Related Death)


The Morgue (Child Abuse I)


The Morgue (Blood Transfusion resulting in AIDS)

Andres Serrano photography6

The Morgue (Fatal Meningitis I)

Andres Serrano photography8

The Morgue (Homicide)

Andres Serrano photography7

The Morgue (Fatal Meningitis II)

Andres Serrano photography9

The Morgue (Killed by Four Great Danes)

Andres Serrano photography12

The Morgue (Rat Poison Suicide II)

Andres Serrano photography4

The Morgue (Child Abuse II)

Andres Serrano photography13

The Morgue (Airplane Crash)


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  • 7even Twenty One

    The picture with the watch at the end is the most surreal of them all, in my opinion. To me, it shows the concept of time no longer matters to those who die. Its merely a concept to those of us still in this plane of existence.

  • Jess

    “plane” of existence. I see what you did there.