Portraits Of Women As Everyday Objects Question Gender Roles

Shadi Ghadirian photography1Shadi Ghadirian photography2 gender roles Shadi Ghadirian photography13 gender roles

The series Like Everyday of Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian is  powerful in its simplicity.  She created the images shortly after marrying her husband, and indeed the series explores her concerns associated with being a wife as well as gender roles.  In the series figures appear to be veiled in patterned cloth similar to the traditional Iranian Chador. The figure’s face, however, is obscured or replaced with a household item, often one associated with daily chores.  Ghadirian says of her subjects, “My series is exactly like a mirror of my life and other women like me — my sisters, my friends, the women who live in this country.”  Though the series specifically addresses Iranian women, the photographs capture more universal anxieties concerning gender roles – the anxiety that accompanies building an identity as a woman and a wife, navigating issues of power within a marriage.

Shadi Ghadirian photography4 Shadi Ghadirian photography6 Shadi Ghadirian photography8 Shadi Ghadirian photography7 Shadi Ghadirian photography9 Shadi Ghadirian photography11 Shadi Ghadirian photography5 Shadi Ghadirian photography10 Shadi Ghadirian photography3 Shadi Ghadirian photography12

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