Optical Illusion Paintings Look Like Cavernous Holes In Gallery Walls

Gina Ruggeri installation6

Gina Ruggeri installation11

Gina Ruggeri installation5

Artist Gina Ruggeri skillfully plays with perspective and spatial illusion.  Her work often takes the form of painted Mylar cutouts employing trope-l’oeil techniques.  Natural objects such as logs, stones, and smoke seem to float off the wall and into the gallery space.  In other work the white walls give way to rot, decay, and caverns.  Though Ruggeri’s work is eye-catching a definite and clear painting tradition stands out in her work.  She frequently forgoes the traditional canvas for plastic film but her composition and techniques is reminiscent of past styles.  The background landscapes of Renaissance portraits appear to have outgrown their frames (and conventional physics for that matter) and now unfold directly on the gallery walls.

Gina Ruggeri installation7

Gina Ruggeri installation4 Gina Ruggeri installation2 Gina Ruggeri installation9 Gina Ruggeri installation10 Gina Ruggeri installation3 Gina Ruggeri installation12 Gina Ruggeri installation1 Gina Ruggeri installation8 Gina Ruggeri installation13

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