Sarah Rosado Uses Dirt From NYC Parks To Create Quirky Images

RosadoInstallation9 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RosadoInstallation2

Sarah Rosado, a self-taught illustrator and photographer, has recently implemented the medium of dirt scavenged from New York City’s parks to create quirky and playful images for her most recent project, Dirty Little Secrets. Oftentimes, she will accessorize the dirty images to give them a 3D effect and render them more realistic. She sets her dirty images against a stark white background, playing with the contrast of dirty/clean. A simple concept with a graceful execution.

RosadoInstallation12 RosadoInstallation11 RosadoInstallation10 RosadoInstallation8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RosadoInstallation6 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RosadoInstallation

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