Black And White Illustrations Of Imaginary Environments Transformed Into Sculptures

Kevin LCK sculpture2

Kevin LCK sculpture11

Kevin LCK sculpture5

Artist and illustrator Kevin LCK seems to stick to illustrating, even when crafting work in three dimensions.  Like his illustrative work, the sculptures are in spare black and white and made using paper. His Object series consists of a number of electronic appliances, such as a computer, microwave oven, and a television set.  Inside each appliance is a carefully crafted home setting.  Explaining the thought behind the series Kevin says:


“I seeked to detach the audience from the real world temporarily, provide them with a space to rethink and reconsider the way we behave and think about the relationship between ourselves, objects and environment with technology in a more conscious way.”

Kevin LCK sculpture10Kevin LCK sculpture7Kevin LCK sculpture9 Kevin LCK sculpture8 Kevin LCK sculpture12 Kevin LCK sculpture1 Kevin LCK sculpture3 Kevin LCK sculpture4 Kevin LCK sculpture6

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  • Dave h8fl

    A subtle creation. Its a very impressive idea and artwork. The room inside the Mac stopped my world. Vincent’s Room at Arles.
    Simply amazing.
    Kevin has to be left handed….

  • Dina

    Cool design…can I get the pattern?