Chocolate Nikes, Golden Sewer Grates, And Leather Park Benches By Joost Goudriaan

Joost Goudriaan installation7 Joost Goudriaan installation8

Joost Goudriaan installation1

Often it seems the most useful objects are the most overlooked.  Much of the work of artist and designer Joost Goudriaan is set upon changing our relationship with such items.    A park bench, an object whose aesthetic is nearly entirely defined by its use, is transformed with traditional craftsmanship.  Goudrian uses leather and walnut wood to turn a typically stark bench into luxuriant public seating.  Also pictured, is a replica of the classic Nike Air Max made from chocolate.  While the original may be prized and collected, Goudriaan compelled anyone who bought his chocolate replica to sign a contract stipulating that they would eat the shoe.

Joost Goudriaan installation9 Joost Goudriaan installation3 Joost Goudriaan installation2

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