Anya Gallaccio’s 10,000 Dying Roses

Anya Gallaccio installation2Anya Gallaccio installation1

Anya Gallaccio installation8

Anya Gallaccio‘s installation Red on Green may leave elicit a different reaction depending on when you catch the show.  Gallaccio plucked the heads of 10,000 roses and arranged them into large neat rectangle.  At first the installation may resemble a grand romantic gesture.  However, Gallaccio’s interest is piqued by what the installation becomes.  In a way Red on Green turns into a type of natural performance as the field of red shifts to brown.  She utilizes the loaded symbol of the rose as a starting point for investigating the natural processes of death and decay.

Anya Gallaccio installation5  Anya Gallaccio installation7 Anya Gallaccio installation3 Anya Gallaccio installation4 Anya Gallaccio installation6

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  • I think the dead roses are actually more beautiful, because of the brittleness and crispness of them. One touch and they’ll break apart.