Modern Objects Made to Look Like 100 Year-Old Relics

Maico Akiba sculpture4 Maico Akiba sculpture11

Maico Akiba sculpture7

The work of artist Maico Akiba is almost a kind of future nostalgia.  Maico begins his work with commonplace objects such as electronics or clothing.  He alters the objects to appear as if they are 100 years old.  Rust and moss are taking over electronics while paint chips and peels away.  Although, the electronics look like relics, they are entirely functional.  Perhaps, this is how the future ruins of present day life will look.  They also serve as a comical type of existential reminder.

Maico Akiba sculpture8 Maico Akiba sculpture5 Maico Akiba sculpture6 Maico Akiba sculpture1 Maico Akiba sculpture3 Maico Akiba sculpture2 Maico Akiba sculpture9 Maico Akiba sculpture10

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