David Mesguich’s Unsettling Sculptures


MesguichSculpture5MesguichSculpture MesguichSculpture8

Whether David Mesguich is creating sculptures or painting with watercolors, he maintains a basic color palette, heavy in contrasting blacks, whites, greys, and tones of sepia. His geometric sculptures of faces and people look like they were printed from a 3D printer. This conception gives his figures a digital effect that, when paired with the size, gaze, warp effects, or placement of them, has the potential to unsettle a viewer. This effect is even more pronounced when considered alongside Mesguich’s cardboard CCTV camera sculptures,100 of which he placed in various locations around Marseille. This idea of surveillance is even depicted throughout his watercolor paintings that represent scenes of city life, usually related to mobility and movement. Mesguich’s work seeks to challenge “modes of control” by addressing the “transparency of windows and shadows.”




MesguichSculpture4U MesguichSculpture2  MesguichWatercolor11 MesguichSculpture7 MesguichSculpture8 MesguichSculpture9 MesguichWatercolor10

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