Illustrating With Words: Luke Lucas’ Typography


LucasTypography5 LucasTactileTypography

You may have already seen Luke Lucas’ typography work, but weren’t aware of it; he’s created designs for companies like Target, Nestlé, The New York Times, and Barnes & Noble. He’s also done work for exhibitions and creates his own fonts. Some of the more humorous and elaborate text designs are reminiscent of Wayne White’s word paintings. Of his work, Lucas writes, “I love that the same word, passage or even letter can be treated in bunch of different ways and embody entirely different meanings… That and through subtleties like a slight shift in line weight, the elongation of a tail or the arc you use, a letter can go from contemporary to traditional or happy to sad in a single stroke…”




LucasTactileTypography4 LucasTactileTypography2 LucasTactileTypography6 LucasTypography7  LucasTypographyFontDesign8 LucasTypographyFontDesign9 LucasTypographyFontDesign10

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