Tom Bendtsen’s Massive Book Sculptures

BendtsenBookSculpture BendtsenBookSculpture2


Tom Bendtsen’s first book sculptures appeared in 1997. After initially creating basic structures, his work evolved with the idea of using the books’ colors to create a pixelated image effect. Bendtsen even fills the gaps in his structures with objects or scenes that ask the viewer to consider ideas of history, narrative, and creativity. The laterality of the structures and how this mirrors our absorption of contrasts and oppositions inherent in written narrative are also at play. His largest structure is composed of 16,000 books. String is used to create the forms of the sculptures, and then those forms are filled with books.

BendtsenBookSculpture4 BendtsenBookSculpture5 BendtsenBookSculpture6 BendtsenBookSculpture8 BendtsenBookSculpture7 BendtsenBookSculpture10 BendtsenBookSculpture9 BendtsenBookSculpture11

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