Alex Ziv And Mario Ayala At FFDG

SF based Alex Ziv and Mario Ayala recently opened a two man exhibition entitled Going Nowhere at Fecal Face Dot Gallery (FFDG) in SF. From the press release: “Alex Ziv’s works, composed of pen and ink on paper, explore and help to define Ziv’s definition of “Americana” through the visual iconography and language of motorcycle subculture. Through exploring topics of contemporary and historical Americana through a background knowledge of mainstream and subversive symbology found in subcultures, Ziv’s work attempts to enhance and highlight topics of turbulence. Mario Ayala’s work is a further exploration of his lived experiences intertwined with the ideals of the West Coast ethos containing its ritualistic chachkies, cultural luxuries, and the anxieties due to taking mind altering substances while faced with the prioritized decision of guns or butta. Ayala creates pictorial hyperboles from friend/ family experiences to explore the trudges of economic class, multi cultural sacrosanct, and the day to day hustle for egalitarianism.” The show in on view through May 4th, 2013.

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