Kate Nartker’s Fictional Animations Made Out Of Fabric

Kate Nartker, "No Divorce"

No Divorce, Kate Nartker from CCA Grad on Vimeo.

Zero, Kate Nartker from CCA on Vimeo.

Blurring the line between fabric, film and fiction, artist Kate Nartker‘s work serves as a meditation on the most easily forgotten moments of every day life. Zero-ing in on select snippets of video, Nartker translates the static and fuzz of forgotten moments into physical textile pieces. The pieces themselves break down into a moving frame-by-frame recreation of the original video piece, provoking the viewer with questions of time, intention, physical artifact and digital interpretation of real life. Her work has most recently been shown at San Francisco’s Alter Space.

Kate Nartker, "Ten"

Kate Nartker, "Zero"

Ten, Kate Nartker from CCA on Vimeo.

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