Hillary Wiedemann Chases After The Sun

Hillary Wiedemann, "Possessing The Visual"

Transit of Venus, 2013 from Hillary Wiedemann on Vimeo.

Possessing the Visible, 2013. from Hillary Wiedemann on Vimeo.

Light has always been an essential element in artist Hillary Wiedemann‘s work; her earlier projects exploring the relationship between light and glass, often bending, refracting and shaping light, with regular investigations into the seen, the unseen, the visible, and the nearly visible. Her installations have quickly matured into multi-sensory experiences that seem to evoke a sense of longing for the ability to make light a tangible thing.

Improbable Sunset, 2013 from Hillary Wiedemann on Vimeo.

Hillary Wiedemann, "From Solstice To Equinox"

Hillary Wiedemann, "From Solstice to Equinox to Present"

Her most recent installation takes center stage as part of A Willing Transfer Of Belief, a two-person exhibition with Michelle Blade at Oakland’s Johansson Projects. Wiedemann’s video investigations are hypnotic, drawing viewers into the seemingly impossible experience of staring at the sun. The steady deterioration of the video’s quality points to the material breakdown that the sun is capable of, while the visuals themselves are somewhat ethereal—and strangely satisfying. The video work is somehow grounded by the printed image of the sun, clinging to framed squares of fragile cyanotype paper, and brought to life by Wiedemann’s sound recordings of solar oscillations. There is a calm steadiness to the sound of the sun’s rays as they quietly echo and thrum throughout the space, bringing the investigation full circle.

A Willing Transfer Of Belief is on view through May 18, 2013 at Johansson Projects. Images courtesy of Johansson Projects and the artist.

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