Getting Lost On The Internet With “I’m Google”

Dina Kelberman net art1

Dina Kelberman net art2

Dina Kelberman net art5

The project I’m Google from artist Dina Kelberman is strangely and hypnotically familiar. You’ve likely searched one topic on Wikipedia or Google that set off a long chain of searches each slightly related to the one preceding it.  Hours later you’re nowhere near you began.  In a way I’m Google is a visual representation of this in the form of a tumblog.  Countless seemingly mundane photographs slowly transform in color, composition, content.  However, slight changes over time build large ones; balloons slowly become crater lakes.  It’s a familiar journey, and I’m Google is a fascinating visualization of it.  [via]

Dina Kelberman net art3Dina Kelberman net art4 Dina Kelberman net art6 Dina Kelberman net art7 Dina Kelberman net art8 Dina Kelberman net art9 Dina Kelberman net art10

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